Spicy Crab Dip With Shrimp Chips Is a Full Holiday Seafood Experience

This holiday-ready spicy crab dip was inspired by Singaporean chili crab, an aromatic braise of cracked crabs in a dynamic tomato-based sauce. But the...

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Don’t Spread Your Charcuterie Out. Stack It High

A charcuterie board? For the holidays? Groundbreaking. A charcuterie tower, stacked tall with a sticky honey glaze and interlaced with salty, crisp po...

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These Miso-Maple Walnuts Are Ready for Holiday Snacking

Cooking burnout is real.Like folks who have had to cook most-if not all-of their meals since the beginning of the pandemic, I have tired of cooking. I...

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Crepes Are Good—Breaded, Fried Crepes Are Better

I do not believe that you can go wrong with crepes. I've always loved the tender and lacy sort, filled with bananas and Nutella, and I've been tempted...

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Lara Lee’s Lunar New Year Menu: Crispy Spring Rolls, Veg-Filled Dumplings, and a Favorite Savory Cookie

Chef Lara Lee often flies home to visit her folks this time of year. The cookbook author, who was born in Sydney, Australia, has lived in London for t...

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How to Make Lumpia Now, So You Can Eat Them Anytime

If there's one thing that lives in my mind rent-free, it's Lumpia Shanghai, the savory fried spring rolls of the Philippines. These slender, cigar-sha...

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