It's Apple Season-Make Compote!

It's apple season, which means you went apple picking last weekend, right? Or maybe you're planning to go this weekend? Or maybe you've just been hoar...

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Make Crumb Crust Instead of Pie Dough

As Epi's Senior Food Editor, I get a lot of pie baking questions as Thanksgiving approaches. Everyone who never bakes during the rest of the year all ...

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Coconut Milk Whipped Cream Is the Only Dessert Topping I Care About

"I love the taste of sweet air!" said no one, ever. But there we go, dolloping bland white clouds of whipped cream or nondairy topping on our pies. Ou...

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These Are the Best Honeys, According to Pastry Chefs

If collecting honey seems excessive, consider the number of hot sauces in your fridge: The best bottle for burritos is different than your go-to for B...

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This Year, Poppy Seed Hamantaschen Get Even Seedier

We're on a bit of a seed kick lately over at Epicurious, have you noticed? Between the Seedy Power Sprinkle (a crunchy, put-it-on-everything topping f...

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Raid the Spice Cabinet to Make Your Sweets More Savory (and More Delicious)

A few months ago, when the Epicurious team was planning a package about spices, I pitched a story about the shift in sweet baking toward savory flavor...

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