Cook Chickpeas Confit-Style for Maximum Flavor and Barely Any Effort

It sounds absurd now, but there was a time in my life when I valued the time I spent cooking. I claimed it was a welcome break from work, from screen ...

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For Busy Families, Theme Nights Are Better Than Meal Plans

Presented by InfinitiThis time of year feels like entering the last leg of a really hard sprint: I can see the finish line of summer in sight, but it'...

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One Sauce for Two Dinners Is the Kind of Cooking Math We Love

Contrary to common wisdom, two is not always better than one. A duo of dueling squirrels raising hell on your window ledge? Nah. Two literal goblins h...

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Jarred Peppers and Olives Are My Weeknight Dinner Dream Team

Green olives play a foundational role in my diet. Their briny bite adds a little something extra whenever I deploy them, and without much work on my e...

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When All Else Fails, Make Kale Slop

Shortly after I came aboard Epicurious last year, our digital director, Maggie Hoffman, quizzed me on what I typically cook at home on any given night...

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It's a Sauce, It's a Stuffing: It's Spicy Paneer-Tomato Gravy

It's the dead of winter in New York, and right now I crave nothing more than a warm and cozy dish that will keep me coming back. One of my main moves ...

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