Put Down the Wine—Make Summer Risotto With Pineapple Juice Instead

Summer 2021 makes me want to switch up my entire life and be a little extra. After spending so much of the last year-plus indoors, socially distancing...

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What Do Chicken Burgers Want? Mushrooms

I first started replacing some of the ground meat in my burger patties with finely chopped vegetables in an effort to eat more sustainably; it was a s...

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Instant Potatoes Make Really Great Gnocchi (And Other Truths)

So here are my feelings about instant mashed potato flakes: When made simply into mashed potatoes, they're not great. And yet, as I move forward in li...

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3 American Indian Recipes for Weeknight Cooking From Enrique Salmón

Wednesday Night American Indian is part of Epi's Wednesday Nights in America series."It's really tough to be a traditional Apache in Vermont," jokes p...

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Why Dinner Parties Need to Change

If you've been to any of the dozens of dinner parties I've thrown over the years, you may have reasonably questioned my sanity at some point. We usual...

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This Spring Pea Pasta Is a One-Pot Wonder

I'm a big fan of fazzoletti (a.k.a. handkerchief pasta): Big square noodles that flop over themselves, creating lots of fun texture, with folds that t...

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