Squash Stars in These Two New Thanksgiving Mains

The first time I made stuffed squash for my father, he turned to me after finishing his slice and said: "That wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was...

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For the Creamiest Vegan Mac and Cheese, Use Cashews

I used to be a strict vegan, and the one animal-based product I missed the most was cheese. During my time as a Greenpeace activist in college, I was ...

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An Extra-Thick Apple and Cheddar Dutch Baby Is Peak Fall

Last year, I hosted a Zoom cook-a-long for my mother's first-annual pandemic birthday. We played games, we talked about how weird Christmas was going ...

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Easiest Week Ever: A No-Stress Meal Plan to Ease Into Autumn

Sometimes the kitchen can feel like a retreat: a place for feeling like ourselves, for spending a moment carefully focusing on the task of chopping, o...

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Awash in Squash? Grill Your Zucchini for This Hearty Salad

Many summers ago in Sydney, when our family lived in a house with a small courtyard, we cultivated a small vegetable garden in a recycled wine barrel....

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I'm So Ready to Throw a Comfort-Food Dinner Party Once Again

When I host a dinner party I usually get a big chunk of pork jowl or shoulder or belly: Making a big pork dish is typically my go-to. During the pande...

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