Why Dinner Parties Need to Change

If you've been to any of the dozens of dinner parties I've thrown over the years, you may have reasonably questioned my sanity at some point. We usual...

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This Spring Pea Pasta Is a One-Pot Wonder

I'm a big fan of fazzoletti (a.k.a. handkerchief pasta): Big square noodles that flop over themselves, creating lots of fun texture, with folds that t...

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For the Ultimate Vegetarian Sandwich, Take Jarred Artichokes and Fry Them

I know it's spring and all, but I have to admit: no matter how beautiful they are, I have absolutely no interest in trimming and preparing fresh artic...

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This Crispy, Crackly, Juicy Chicken With Cabbage and Peas Is the Perfect One-Pan Dinner

I love chicken in all forms. The whole bird, the legs, the wings, the neck, the breast, but especially thighs that are bone-in and skin-on. If you wer...

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You Thought You Didn’t Need Another Kale Salad. But This One Has Potato Chips

This is Dinner and Change, a column about recipes that feed four people for about $10-or less.I sort of thought the book on kale salad had been writte...

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For the Easiest, Crispiest Fried Garlic, Use Your Microwave

There aren't that many things in life that I know with absolute certainty, but one thing I do know is that nothing-nothing!-will make me hungrier than...

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