Ants on a Log Should Be a Salad

It's pretty well-known-by people who know me-that when raisins are around, I tend to back away slowly. (Unless they're golden, that is.) So when I saw...

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Give Yourself the Gift of a Mainless Thanksgiving

With all of the turkey conundrums that come up every Thanksgiving-How long to thaw? What's the best way to brine? Why the hell is the meat so dry?-I'v...

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Boxed Cornbread Mix Is Good—Here’s How to Make It Better

I grew up loving my dad's cheesy, spicy cornbread. I was so devoted that I wouldn't eat plain cornbread for most of my childhood. Nothing could compar...

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For the Crispiest, Crackliest Roasted Potatoes, You Need Egg Whites

I've spent most of my adult life being wary of roasted potato recipes. I love crispy roasted potatoes (I am human, after all), but after trying my fai...

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Yes, You *Do* Need to Eat Mashed Potatoes at Thanksgiving

I flat-out cannot imagine Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes. When my colleague Adina Steiman says she suspected that "a little part of me died" whe...

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No, You *Don't* Need to Eat Mashed Potatoes at Thanksgiving

When I first told my colleague Matt Duckor that I never served mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving, I think he died a little inside. But I'm convinced of ...

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